Ranked PvP matches

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To begin playing Ranked matches, you first Rank1.jpg click tab while you're in a channel. Either PvE or PvP lobbies can be used.

While you're in the the creating a group or planning to solo before queuing you will wait here.


While in this room you can either select Rank 5.jpg or Ranked3.jpg by clicking on the tab

To invite friends or corp or someone from the lobby or entire lobby that is presented, you click the invite button and this will pop up.


To invite someone who is not on your list. First, you will need to whisper them or they whisper you. Second, you will right click on his username in the chat box and add him/her as friend and invite.Rank6.jpg

When you play ranked matches you will be put up against a team of 5 other players. You will not be able to see who you are playing with and against and the names are changed to Red 1-5 and Blue 1-5.

There are three types of modes that can be played in a ranked match, Elimination, Team Deathmatch or Mercs vs. Monsters. In Elimination, the first team to win 5 rounds will be the victor. In Team Deathmatch, the first team to 60 kills wins or the team with the most kills when the timer runs out. In Mercs vs. Monsters, each team takes turns playing as the Mercs and the Monsters. The teams switch sides when one team reaches half of the required kills to win.

In the event of a tie game, the team with the most points will win. You can check how many points your team has by pressing Tab and looking at the score board. You add up all the points each player on your team has and the team with the most points will be determined the winner.

The way you progress up the ladder in ranked is by earning points. When you win a ranked match in ZMR you will gain points based on the current rank of your team and the current rank of the enemy team. If your team has a low number of points and you beat a team with a high number of points, you will gain a large number of points and they will lose a large number of points. The same works if you are playing people of the same skill level. If you have alot of points and so does the other players on the opposing team you will gain or lose a large number of points based on a win or lose.

The prizes for ranked season are: 1st place: 5,000 EMP Usually a legendary weapon that EME decides. Exclusive Platinum AK-47 (30 days) “Best of the Best” Card Art (30 days) Key Card (×10) Platinum Bullet (×10) Gold Bullet (×20) Silver Bullet (×30)

2nd-10th place: 2,000 EMP Exclusive Gold AK-47 (30 days) Gold Metal Card Art (30 days) Key Card (×5) Platinum Bullet (×5) Gold Bullet (×15) Silver Bullet (×20)

11th-20th Place: 1,000 EMP Exclusive Silver AK-47 (30 days) Silver Metal Card Art (30 days) Key Card (×1) Gold Bullet (×10) Silver Bullet (×15)

21th-50th place: Bronze Metal Card Art (30 days) Key Card (×1) Gold Bullet (×5) Silver Bullet (×10)