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Missions are tasks that players must do in the game Zombies, Monsters and Robots!. There are five different types of missions in the game.

Missions in ZMR give players extra goals to accomplish on top of completing PvE maps or winning PvP matches. Missions can be as simple as “Log 10 minutes of combat time” or as complex as “Defeat 80 enemies with a specific weapon.”

Missions are also a great way to collect extra EXP and gold on top of what you earn while playing. In addition, some missions reward you with items like weapons and mods, gear, tech, turrets, costumes, and revive tokens. Plus, missions are a good way to earn bullets, which give you a chance to find special items in the Shooting Gallery.

Missions change often, so be sure to check the list at least once a day.

Click the Missions tab at the top of the main ZMR menu to open the missions menu. This displays a list of missions on the left side and details on the right. The mission list displays all the missions you currently have available in addition to missions you've completed already.

Source Filters[edit | edit source]

SortbySource Missions.jpeg

You can sort missions by source or gameplay, and you can toggle the list to display all missions or just the ones you haven't finished yet.

Sorting by source displays all available missions. You can also change the filter to see only Rookie, Dailies, Events, or Timed missions. Sorting by gameplay lets you filter the list to see PvP, PvE, Ranked, or Miscellaneous missions.

All: Select [All] to display every mission available to you.

Rookie: Select [Rookie] to view ZMR missions that introduce basic concepts to new players. Every time you complete a rookie mission, the next one in the set will appear in the list.

Events: Select [Events] to see a set of linked missions that change on a frequent basis. These missions are replaced when the next event begins, so you must complete them before the end of the event period. Event start and end times will be announced weekly, and announcements will be displayed in-game periodically. Also, make sure to complete event missions before they expire. Otherwise, you might lose your well-earned progress.

Dailies: Select [Dailies] to show a set of missions that change every day. These missions must be completed before the end of the day.

Timed: Select [Timed] to see a set of missions that appear at various times during the day. These missions disappear after a specified time limit, and must be completed before time runs out.

Gameplay Filters[edit | edit source]

SortbyGameplay Missions (1).jpeg

PvP: Select [PvP] to see missions you can only complete in PvP matches. You must also have at least six players in the match to complete PvP missions. If you are in a PvE lobby when you click [Let’s do this!] on a PvP mission, ZMR will ask if you wish to change lobbies.

PvE: Select [PvE] to see missions that can only be completed in PvE matches. If a specific map, mode, or difficulty level is required, this information will be listed in the goal. If you are in a PvP lobby when you click [Let’s do this!] on a PvE mission, ZMR will ask if you wish to change lobbies.

Ranked: Select [Ranked] to see missions that can only be completed in ranked PvP matches. Clicking [Let’s do this!] on a ranked mission will move you to the ranked PvP matchmaking window whether you are in a PvP or a PvE lobby.

Misc.: Select [Miscellaneous] to see missions that can be completed in either PvP maps or in PvE matches. For example, combat time missions will count time played in either PvP or PvE battles (as long as you don’t quit).

Mission Details[edit | edit source]

Highlight any mission in the list to display details about that mission. Mission details include the name, goal, description, and rewards associated with that particular mission. In addition, a counter above the description helps you track mission progress, and the [Let’s do this!] button will attempt to automatically place you in a map where you can complete the mission.

Title: Mission titles are generally short and easy to remember, which can help you find other players who need to complete the same missions. If you click the [Let’s do this!] button and no applicable room is currently created or available, a room carrying the mission’s name will be created for you.

Goal: Mission goals spell out exactly what you need to do to complete the mission, including listing specific maps and modes, required difficulty settings, or any other information you need to finish the mission and get your reward.

Progress Bar: A mission’s progress bar fills up as you work on completing that mission. A counter inside the bar also increments whenever the mission updates. These mission progress updates also display as system messages in your chat window during play.

Description: Mission descriptions contain flavor text that provides a sense of how the mission fits into the world of ZMR.

Rewards: Missions almost always reward players with both EXP and gold. Most missions will also list one to three additional rewards, such as equipment, costumes, and bullets that you can use in the Shooting Gallery.

Let’s Do This!: Click this button to have ZMR find an appropriate room where you can complete the mission. If no rooms exist where you can work on the mission, the game will ask if you want to create one. If you are in the wrong lobby to complete a PvP or PvE mission, ZMR will ask if you want to switch lobbies.

Mission Types[edit | edit source]

There are currently five kinds of missions:

Beginner: As new recruits within the ZMR private military security corporation, you will receive 26 introductory missions that earn rewards like new weapons, gear, experience boosts, and tech. These missions are easy. If you're struggling, a new game called Babies Bunnies Unicorns just came out that might be more your speed.

Daily, time-played: Each day, you receive four missions that award you for the time you spend in ZMR (listed under the “Event” tab on the Missions screen). These missions award precious gold, experience, and rep, in addition to turrets and bullets (one gold, one silver) for use in the Shooting Gallery. Make sure to play daily to reap these rewards:

Name - Objective - Exp - Gold - Rep - Item Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • [Event] Punch the Clock - Rack up 10 minutes of combat time in a single day. (Completed matches only.) - None - 2000 - 50 - None
  • [Event] Punch the Clock, Again - Rack up 30 minutes of combat time in a single day. (Completed matches only.) - None - 3000 - 80 - Gun Turret (1)
  • [Event] Punch In, Punch Out - Rack up 60 minutes of combat time in a single day. (Completed matches only.) - 500 - None - 120 - Silver Bullet (1)
  • [Event] Log Those Hours! - Rack up 120 minutes of combat time in a single day. (Completed matches only.) - 500 - None - 150 - Gun Turret (1), Gold Bullet (1)

Daily, level-related: You receive one mission daily according to your current level, up to level 39:

Name -Objective - Required Level - EXP - Gold - Rep[edit | edit source]

  • [Daily] Recruitment Drive - Kill 100 enemies [PvE] - Level 1–9 - 300 - 4000 - None
  • [Daily] Aggressive Networking - Kill 150 enemies [PvE] - Level 10–19 - 600 - 6000 - None
  • [Daily] Corporate Headhunting - Kill 200 enemies [PvE] - Level 20–29 - 1200 - 8000 - None
  • [Daily] Talent Acquisition - Kill 250 enemies [PvE] - Level 30–39 - 2400 - 10000 - None

Daily, random: Depending on you level, you also receive a set number of daily missions selected at random from a predetermined list.

Event: Looking for something a little more topical in your mission selection? Hop over to the “Event” tab to view missions relevant to the currently available maps and modes. These missions are unlocked in sequence and are only available within a certain period of time, so don’t let them pass you by.