Character Customization

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Character Creation[edit | edit source]

On the "Character Select" screen you will only be able to create one character per account.


Character Customization[edit | edit source]

Creating your first character will also mean you most certainly will be able to Customize it to your liking!


You will have the option to choose a character by gender either Male or Female. Your nickname will be unique, which means that if one day you will decide to delete your character, you wont be able to reuse your nickname again.

after choosing a Nickname for the character, you will be able to choose between 7 Facial Features and 7 Hair styles(female 8) along side with 2 sets of Training uniforms and 6 different Voice's for the character.

If you don't bother to put any effort on how your character looks like, then there is the button "Randomize" which is a neat feature, it has lots of great combinations, so go for it!

Lobby Selection[edit | edit source]

After the creation of your character, you will be sent to a choice of lobby, either Competitive Player Versus Player or Co-Operative Player Versus Environment, as a beginner PvE would be recommended.


You are ready![edit | edit source]

When you have chosen the lobby, you will receive some starting equipment, an Assault Rifle, Machine Gun, Frag Grenade and a Threshold Pack for level 1 which contains things such as 10,000 Gold a 1-day EXP/Gold boost ticket and more.


The next step will be the tutorial steps which the game will guide you through after you receive your starting gifts.